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Wired outdoor motion detector



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Product Name: wired outoodr motion detector


wired outdoor PIR motion sensors
1.It is a kind of PIR intrusion detector
2.It has two different working modes

wired outdoor PIR motion sensors
It5 is a kind of PIR intrusion detector integrating the most advanced security technology. It adopts dual PIR sensors with high accuracy, intelligent digital chip, advanced, (True Motion Recognition & Anti-pests) of tware technology, which can help it to make an accurate judgment of true-intruder or other interference that can cause wrong alarm. And it is with the function of automatic memory of environmental change, which can avoid wrong alarm a used by hot and cold air, operation machine interference. It can prevent effectively the interference cause by a 25 kg past or 10 cats, insect, mouse, birds etc. Its supper filter can be used indoor and outdoor. This have clear various interference that common PIR detector can't over come; and put an end to wrong alarm and miss alarm. DG-85 has two different working modes: bus mode and relay mode, can be used for all kinds of control panels on the market.

Main Features

Fully sealed design, two-layer water proof, macromolecule film plating for indoor and outdoor installation; Remarkable pet-immunity function to prevent pets under 25kg; Special lens anti UV to reduce false alarm at maximum, Germany imported optical filter to block motley light up to 99%.