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GSM wireless alarm for beekeepers



Product no.: 3333


Product desription

Central Unit Wireless Solar GSM Alarm System for beekeepers.
Solar GSM wireless alarm central unit with an unbelievably low consumption of only 3mA! Solar or battery powered system.
Possible to use 2 PIR PET wireless detectors, which can save even 16-20 hives in a row. Just put these PIR PET wireless detectors against each other and they will quard not even hives, but even each other before be stolen.In specially cases is possible to use even wireless magnetic detectors (see picture). There is no problem to cennect to the central unit as many as 16 wireless detectors (sensors).

Why should you purchase the SEL-003 professional wireless GSM alarm?

Do you need security for your movable or non-movable property where electricity is not available
or the electricity is turned off? Do you need a GSM alarm which can be powered by batteries or
solar panels? Do you need an alarm system which functions well in outdoor environments? Would
you like to enjoy all the extra features available from a GSM alarm system without paying a fortune
to the electric company?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you need the SEL-003 GSM wireless alarm with
an ultra low consumption of only 3mA! After an extensive development and testing period, the SEL-003 is now
officially ready to give you high tech security with a wealth of new features for many, many years to come.
It includes 2 wired digital inputs, 16 wireless inputs at 433MHz, 1 output for a siren and 1 relay.

More product description

All parameters can be set with PC software (included at no charge) or via SMS
SEL-003 Professional wireless GSM ultra low consumption alarm SEL-003 includes: 1x central unit with
GSM communicator, 1x wireless PIR sensor, 1x wireless magnet sesnsor, 1x wired siren, 1x adaptor, 2 x
luxury metal keychain remote controls.
The central unit has a backup battery 600mA (it can works with this battery up to 6 days). As soon as a
central unit receives some alarm from any wireless sensors, it will call or send SMS to pre-programmed
phone numbers.
• Add as many as 16 wireless and 2 wired sensors
• More wireless detectors are at your disposal, like a smoke detector, wireless keypad, wireless siren,
• You can program up to 16 phone numbers that will send SMS messages, calls, or both in the case
• Calling or sending an SMS to a private security company
• Possibility to program 16 wireless detectors according to user needs (24 characters)
• Possibility to program 8 wireless keychain remote controls or keypads according to user needs (24
characters). In that case you can each of keychain remote controls to assign name of particular
person. Then in history you see not only date, hour and minute of alarm,calling, but even who and
when activated or deactivated alarm system
• Possibility to set the length of the siren loop
• Possibility to set-up the regime of each wired input: contact closed, contact open, operational status,
armed (activated), disarmed (deactivated) and changing of activation status
• The wireless sensors can be easily programmed for the following modes of operation: alarm, 24 hour
loop or silent alarm.
• When using PC software, you can view the code of each individual sensor.
• Activation and deactivation of the alarm system can be carried out by simply calling (free) or sending
an SMS. After each activation / deactivation of the system, the caller will receive a confirmation SMS
about the system’s status, i.e. whether the system has been activated or deactivated. Activation /
deactivation can be carried out with the keychain remote control as well. This feature can be turned
on or off at any time.
• The ability to change your password
• The output relays and sirens can be set to any switching length.
• Selection of two operating modes: Ultra Low Regime = ULR (3mA) and Working Regime =WR
(6mA). If set for ULR, the SEL-003 will call or send an SMS when the alarm is tripped, but you can
not call or send an SMS to the SEL-003. If set for WR, you can make calls or send SMS’s to the
SEL-003 with no restrictions. With the alarm in this regime, the SEL-003 will call or send an SMS, or
both. (according to how it is programmed).
• Possibility to set-up the number of rings, length of rings and regular dispatching about the current
status of the SEL-003. Simply choose a specific time during the day and the SEL-003 will send an SMS about the status of
the system: ARMED/DISARMED, inputs and outputs. If the SEL-003 is in ULR (ultra low regime) you
have a 30 minute time period after receiving the SMS status report to call or send an SMS to the
• Arm/disarm delay (1 – 99s)
• SMS alert about battery status
• Display of firmware, IMEI and GSM signal strength, as well as the date and time
• Display of the internal battery voltage and the external battery (or solar panel) voltage
• History of all events (total of 40 events) with PC software
• History of events via SMS on request (maximum of past 3 events)

SEL-003 wireless GSM alarm is suitable for the applications below:

Security Alarm System applications
Wellheads, boats, vehicles
Cars and caravans
Supervision and monitoring alarm systems
Energy saving, street lights control system
Automatic monitoring system
Vending Machines security protection
Oil-fields,Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels
Buildings and Real Estate
Weather Stations
River Monitoring and Flood Control
Oil and gas pipelines
Temperatures, water leakage applications
Energy saving, street lights control systém
Transformer stations
Unmanned machine rooms

Technical parameters:

Windows: XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

• GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
• Wireless Receiving Frequency: 433MHz
• Operating Voltage: DC 12V
• Static Current: ≤3 mA
• Alarm Current: ≤200mA
• Wireless Receiving Frequency: 433MHz
• Alarm siren volume: 110dB
• Working condition: Temperature: -20°C~ +50°C
• Humidity: ≤90%
• Max. support 16pcs wireless sensors
• Support Wired sensor: 2pcs

Specifications:Place of OriginCzech Republic
Brand NameSelax
Model NumberSEL-003S
FOB PriceGet Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity10 Unit/Units
Packaging DetailsPaper cartoons or containers
Delivery Time1 - 3 working days, 2 - 4 weeks after bulk order
Payment TermsT/T,Western Union,PayPal, Credit Card
Supply Ability50000 Unit/Units per Month