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GSM modular door bell - 1 button




Product no.: 3011


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GSM modular door bell is a product which connecting a visitor with an owner immediately with a mobile or table phone after pushing a button. There is a possibility to add more and more buttons, it means, that our system is modular and everyone can add as many buttons as need. White LED shines under the buttons. Total quantity is 40 buttons. It is possible to setup 4 phone numbers under one button. As soon as GSM door bell connects the owner, he can talk with a visitor, or he can open the door or garage door using the buttons of the phone. It is possible to use a conference call as well. It is SE300 line.

Line SE300RW includes RFID reader in addition, so that you can use RFIDd card to open the door.

All models have 2 standard relays, but it is possible to use other 4 relays, too. You can built a kit ( see the pictures). Possible to mount on the wall ot into the wall. Luxury design in outdoor environment. Easy and very fast assembling.

Other possibilities are written below:


Main features our GSM door bells:

. setup 1 – 4 phone number under one button

. change PIN (password) for each button (it means, every button has its own PIN (password)

. erase phone numbers one by one. There is 2 way how to do it

. erase phone numbers according to a singular phone number or according to its possition

. to request phone number list under a given button anytime

. activate (arm) or deactivate (disarm) for the seaprate buttons (good to disarm button, if user does not want to be called during a weekend),

. use DTMF (number of the phone to switch relay (opening the garage door, main entrance door and so on)

. to switch relay by ringing only. It is free. According to a number of ringings, you can switch separate relay or both relays at a time.

. conference call

. to enlarge or shorten switching relay time

. info SMS

. White LED shinings under buttons

. Italian design


Technical parameters:

GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Number of standad relays: 2 (30V/500mA)

Number of more relays: 4

Number of buttons: 1

Figure of phone numbers under 1 button: 4

RFID reader: No

Call transimission: Two-way (Bidirectional)

Lighting buttons: Yes

Assembly type: On the wall

Weight: 350g

Power consumption: 39 mA

Dimensions: 208 x 100 x 28 mm

Design: Waterproof

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